Speedcell is manufacturer of the week

We are proud to announce that SpeedCell is declared manufacturer of the week by Proud to Manufacture in Michigan (PTMIM). PTMIM recognizes the benefits of our storage solutions and therefore rewarded us with this title. They acknowledged the lead we have over our competitors because of the low-cost, modular and maintenance-free nature of our product.


We keep on innovating

Since the establishment of SpeedCell, our product has seen many revisions. Even though it’s close to perfection, we will keep improving our product until it’s flawless. We do this by looking at our products from a customer’s perspective and rectifying their storage issues.


Discover the benefits of our products!

The value we add to E-commerce has obviously not gone unnoticed. Therefore, we would like to thank PTMIM for this title! We would also like to thank our customers for the trust they put in us. If you feel curious about the benefits of our storage solutions, please have a look at our product page.