Maximize your existing space with a dynamic and high density storage solution applicable to every industry from e-commerce to returnables!

Innovation in storage

E-commerce platforms and businesses from apparel to outdoor stores have transformed their storage capabilities with SpeedCell Storage Solutions. They have increased their storage capacities up to 60%, reduced travel time and found a suspended lightweight and flexible, yet sturdy and built-to-last innovative solution that has turned their dead space into far more efficient pick space.

Increased storage density

Increase your storage density up to 60%

Increased picking speed

Boost your productivity by 40%

Higher return on investment

Invest in the future success of your company

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Maximize warehouse space, pick orders faster and safer, and increase accuracy with a dynamic, suspended high-density storage solution custom designed to save time, space, and money.

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SpeedCartt is a fast and modular picking cart to supplement your order fulfilment, restocking, seasonal demands, and more. Years of convenience, safety assurance and long-term usability wherever and whenever you need it.

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The SpeedCell system is a great way to save space, optimize picks and increase productivity in small footprint facilities. SpeedCell helped us to maximize efficiencies in our product storage and picking area all in one.
Director of Ecommerce Fulfilment, Rainbow

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Companies That Choose SpeedCell:

What is SpeedCell?

SpeedCell is a dynamic, high-density storage solution created to convert unused space within pallet rack and pick modules into dense pick locations.
SpeedCell solves the increasing need for rapid, on-demand fulfillment, expanding SKU diversity. Our product offers a better return on investment by
creating an innovative and easy way to maximize existing space within standard pallet racking and increasing storage density and order picking availability.

How can you install and make the best use of the SpeedCell Storage Solution? Ask us about a FREE site review. Let us show you how to transform your unused space into a viable, high-density pick operation. Just complete our simple questionnaire to help us understand your business or project challenge, and we will contact you for a FREE facility assessment.

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