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What is the weight capacity per column? What is the weight capacity per cell?
    1. 240 lbs. or 108 kg per column
    2. 34 lbs. or 15.4 kg per cell
  1. Is there any maintenance required?


    How long does it last?

    Normal use- 15 years. We offer a 5 year warranty.

    Is SpeedCell® right for my storage solution?

    SpeedCell maximizes the use of your existing racking and hangs underneath, allowing for more than twice the storage density of traditional pallet racking. SpeedCell also has options for clients without existing racking. We’ve stored products from tiny cigar boxes to furniture parts.

    Can SpeedCell be customized for my products?

    Yes! SpeedCell is uniquely designed for each client and we tailor the size, shape, mobility, and material of each SpeedCell column to solve your exact storage challenges.

    What are the storage dimensions possible with SpeedCell columns and cells?

    SpeedCell is completely customizable. There are some limitations on sizes: 6” is our minimum width and 24” is our maximum width.

    Can I store single units and bundles?

    The cells can be designed to store both single units and bundles.

    How do I clean my columns?

    Just use plain water. For stubborn stains such as pen marks, Goo Gone works wonders.

    Is it Flame Resistant?

    Our standard White material is Flame Resistant and fully complies with California fire code.

    Is it Electric Static Resistant?

    Our standard Grey material is Electric Static Resistant.

    Can I work with SpeedCell directly or should I work with a SpeedCell dealer?

    Yes, you can work with SpeedCell directly. If you have a preferred dealer, we can work with them too or we can make recommendations on a dealer.  Ultimately, which ever method you choose, we want to provide you with the best service possible.

    Can I install different sizes of columns in the same bay?

    Yes, we can even design columns that have different size cells within the same column.

    How difficult is it to replace columns?

    Columns are easy to install and remove from the tracks, even once your bay is installed, and require only a standard ladder to remove. No special tools needed.

    Is it possible to lease SpeedCell?

    Contact us to find out more information.

    Can I order SpeedCell in custom colors?

    We offer 2 standard colors of White and Grey. If you have a special color for your facilities, we will gladly order fabric in colors dyed to your specifications, at an increased cost and lead time to allow for purchasing materials.

    How do I install SpeedCell in my storage facility?

    SpeedCell does not coordinate installation, but we do provide detailed installation instructions that are easy to follow, and help connect you with dealers who can facilitate installation.

    Can I use SpeedCell in freezers and climate-controlled areas?

    Yes, SpeedCell is mold-resistant and operates in temperatures of -20°to 180°F (-29°to 82° C).

    Is SpeedCell dynamic or can it be static storage as well?

    SpeedCell can be customized to be either dynamic and make full use of the depth of the storage bay, or to be static and allow picking from one or both sides of the rack.

    Can I store other products on top of SpeedCell?

    Yes, SpeedCell is a floor-level storage solution that installs beneath existing racking, meaning you can store larger items above in your warehouse racking.