About us

The benefits of the SpeedCell Storage Solution when compared to the competition are evident: modular, maintenance-free, a fraction of the cost of other storage solutions, and able to serve many different people at the same time. Over the years, the SpeedCell Storage Solution has seen many revisions. Now, it is safe to say the product is close to perfection!

Our ambition

One of the terms that defines SpeedCell Storage Solutions best is scalable. The definition of the term is ‘capable of being easily expanded or upgraded on demand’. Together with our five-year warranty, SpeedCell Storage Solutions is a sustainable investment in the future success of your company. Its durability and scalability will serve your company well into the future, and the on demand assistance that we provide will make sure you are well prepared when your own customers start calling.


Our approach

We provide on demand assistance with the application of the SpeedCell Storage Solution. However, the installment of the product in the backroom storage areas, warehouses and other storage areas, we leave to our clients. SpeedCell solutions ship with a manual with instructions and video material describing our SpeedCell product. Before sending out the product, the best application to the unique storage challenge of our clients is achieved by going over a few questions. What is your product? How much of the product is there? How are the goods stored in the current situation? What is your growth potential? This information enables custom-designed SpeedCell Storage Solutions to meet our clients’ storage challenges.

Contact us

We are an open and customer focused organization that welcomes feedback. This helps us improve and invent smarter innovative solutions, which create value to our customers. Please feel free to share your feedback with us.