SpeedCell Testimonial: Interview with Lance Crosby of Northern Sales

Because we love to hear about our client’s experiences with our products, we regularly reach out to our customers for their feedback. We make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with their custom storage solution.

We recently spoke with Northern Sales, a company that delivers distribution solutions for retailers.We asked their President Lance Crosby to tell us about his experience with SpeedCell. His company installed 77 bays of our product in March of 2017.


How was the integration with your warehouse? How did your employees adjust to using SpeedCell?

We are doing some major warehouse changes at the time. Initially SpeedCell was not received well by the pickers. We have our product in boxes, before they picked product off wire racking. Initially it was much slower, but as they got used to it, it was very well received.

Our configuration is 2 rows deep, and they like how they can part the row and reach the product easily. Before they had to get on their knees and crawl under a beam level to reach the product. They are now trusting they can find the products quickly and easily within the SpeedCell bays and they like the system much better.

How was the installation for your team?

Pretty straight forward installation, just had to determine the right height. They drop in very easily. Two guys took an hour per bay.

What were you able to gain with SpeedCell?

We were storing on wire racking at 3 pick levels with 24 SKUs. With SpeedCell, we have 11 columns in 2 rows which gets us 66 SKU’s per bay. That’s a 3 to 1 gain in space.

One thing I will say, Ray and Ron tried to set us up with the front lip, but for us we felt it was best to have our boxes [in the cells]. But now that we’ve done it for a while, I would be convinced to try the front lip. We like it and feel like it would eliminate a step, whereas now we have to pull out our boxes to reach the product.

How would you say your interaction with SpeedCell as a company has been?

It’s been very good. Ron and Ray have been here for face to face meetings. We set up one section in Seattle, so we could work remotely with our Anchorage location and troubleshoot any questions they had without going back and forth.

In some senses it is a basic, basic system, the key for us on SpeedCell is – if you look at the difference between the cells, it’s 1/16th inch. A standard rack install is a 3-4” beam, the amount of space wasted [vs SpeedCell] is tremendous.


The storage solutions that SpeedCell provide for Northern Sales are possible for every type of company, from e-commerce to returnables. We can help companies to maximize their existing storage space. Want to read more cases about how SpeedCell improves the storage capacity of different companies? Check out more case studies here.