Start working with the SpeedCell® product and increase your relevance to the customer base with new and innovative products, compared with the existing range of products now available in warehousing.


Why choose SpeedCell?

 SpeedCell is the newest and most powerful competitive edge for your customers with regards to efficiency compared to traditional storage:

  • Increased pick speeds
  • Safer work environment
  • Increase of your customers’ modularity
  • Increased flexibility
  • Achieve higher margins when compared to traditional storage
  • Increase storage density

SpeedCell is a welcome addition to your product and service offering and will increase your appeal and your relevance to existing and new customers like companies in e-commerce. Feedback by users of SpeedCell has shown how our solution optimizes efficiencies, work conditions and results.

Is SpeedCell Storage Solutions useful to your clients’ businesses?

See for yourself and join our dealer partnership program. Receive support with demo sets, training and marketing. Complete our simple questionnaire to help us understand your clients’ businesses or project challenge, and we will contact you for an assessment. One of our area sales managers will visit you with a demo kit and will show you how you can make the best use of the SpeedCell Storage Solution. Find the brochures below for more information on our products.





SpeedCell is:

An answer to the increasing need for rapid, on-demand fulfilment and expanding SKU diversity.

A new, innovative, and easy way to increase clients' ROI by maximizing existing space within standard pallet racking to increase storage density and order picking availability.


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