SpeedCell is the answer to the increasing need for rapid, on-demand fulfillment and expanding SKU diversity. Using the latest technology in textiles, SpeedCell provides a lightweight and easily re-configurable storage solution. Save time and money by maximizing existing space within standard pallet racking to increase storage density and order picking availability.

Increase storage density up to 60%

Boost productivity by 40% – less travel time

Reduce labor costs up to 40%

Optimize space & efficiency in pallet rack & pick module applications

Pick orders faster and increase accuracy with SpeedCell – a dynamic, high density storage solution that transforms unused space within pallet rack and pick modules to save time, space and money.

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A flexible, mobile, high-density storage solution for restocking, order fulfillment, parts assembly and more! Constructed from the same lightweight, yet heavy-duty materials as standard SpeedCell systems.

Here’s your chance to see SpeedCell in action! SpeedCell compresses 200' of rack or shelving into 40' of highly organized space. Watch how we do it.

SpeedCell is a dynamic, high-density storage solution created to convert unused space within pallet rack and pick modules into dense pick locations. Columns are suspended from our patented, pre-galvanized steel track system integrated into pallet rack beams. Each column is made up of smaller cells where product is stored and identified by unique SKU labeling for picking and replenishment. The front columns slide easily side to side for access to columns behind. Custom-made, high-strength industrial textiles, or columns, won’t mold or rust and are fire/flame resistant.

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